Today is August 27, 2021.  I am sitting here in my sunroom watching with horror what is happening to the people in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. I listen to story after story that sounds like a script from a dystopian movie . . . surely this stuff is not real . . . surely it is just another conspiracy theory . . . surely some college kid is in his mom’s basement having a yuk or two on a laptop. I’m gonna check it out.

Well, I did. I checked it out and, OK I read Orwell’s1984 . . . good book, but pretty unbelievable, at least in my America. We would never allow something like that to happen . . . right? Our constitution prevents it. We’re too smart for anything like that. Our education would notice it before it even got off the ground. . . . Well, I guess I can forget all this and watch a good movie.

I did, but Australia kept drawing me back in. What if this was true? Why else would they be acting like that in Australia? Canada was close to experiencing the same thing and it was right next door.  I dug deeper . . . and what I found set me on fire. Now, even though I am 79 years old, I want to fight back against those who would destroy democracy in the world and create in its place a globalist government. 

I’m too old to fight, but still, I can write. . . and I have no fear of these demonic sons-of-bitches. So off we go . . . and where we stop nobody knows.

I found an interesting site called United Noncompliance  It sounds interesting and I will soon be looking further, but for now, I am just researching. On the face of it, it sounds like the only way I can think of to fight back against these people that are working overtime to destroy all that we know and understand of our way of life. 

One thing I know for sure. We are being manipulated into a fight among ourselves over these vaccines. . . . . . . For the rest of the story, stay tuned.