The Watcher

I am a watcher, have always been one. Throughout the stages of my life there’s one long and common thread, I wandered, and I’ve watched, and will do so till I’m dead.

Today, in my old age, though blinded by the years of so many joys and so many tears, I still am watching . . .

Today, though what I see upon the rise, does bring terror to these clouded eyes, I will obey the law I’ve held so long, so dear, throughout my every living year. . . . If I don’t know, I do not go. I stand and wait, until the date that something tells me so.

Who owns this voice so still and small that wispers in my ear? Hell man, I don’t know, it’s just always, always near, and so easy to hear, if I’m quiet enough, and stand still long enough, to listen . . . as it filters through the beatings of my anxious heart.



The American Dream

I am a patriot. I am not a Trump follower, nor, though I honor it and have put my life on the line to defend it, am I a flag-waver. I also don’t hate the left or particularly feel the need to gun up and prepare for war against a Communist takeover. . . But . . . In spite of the fact that I do none of the stuff the Left accuses all guys like me of doing . . . I am a patriot and I hold the values installed in the American Dream with the highest regard. When it comes to far-right OR far-left, I feel we all need each other, and I have no desire to join either group. 

James Adams described the American Dream as, “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” Of course, each one of us has a somewhat different dream, I have my own version, and my success in obtaining it has already been achieved. My dream was to have the freedom to merely do my own thing. And as long as I do no harm to a fellow citizen I’d like for the government to butt out of my business and do more about ending their bad habit of starting unnecessary wars. I am a wanderer who believes in paying his own way. I need the freedom to do so. That’s it. That’s my American dream.

I believe state’s rights trump government interference with few exceptions, one of them being the safeguarding of the nation’s citizenry. Today our largest and most beautiful cities are close to ruin due to rioting and lawlessness. They need help. Not the current politically inspired bullshit I hear coming out of Washington and the mayors of the large cities though, but National Guard units if need be. (these mayors, especially the dumb ass in Portland, remind me of Nero playing a fiddle while allowing Rome to be burned.)

If necessary our government should even declare martial law in Portland/Chicago/Seattle/NYC and every other city having a mayor in office who is either allowing this unrest to take place, or is totally inept at ending it. Any mayor or DA of a city who openly chooses criminals over citizens needs to be arrested and imprisoned.  Demonstrating is as American as grandma’s apple pie, but this other stuff is not. We must end it, or sit back and accept the consequences.

I still believe in those American values of individual rights, freedom, democracy, and equality. I don’t mind reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag. I still remember the oath I took way back in the sixties to solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

If that moment ever comes I will be standing with my country. Regardless of the many, and some, just downright evil, things we have done over the years, this is our country. It needs fixing. It could use a good cleaning, but it’s ours. We created it and we can fix it, and for many of us, we will stand in the gap and fight tooth and nail for her right to exist as a democracy, if need be.

I still believe the American dream can be achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work. But I also believe the Capitalist system, that made America the richest country on earth, has been highjacked by the wealthy owners of the industry it created and made it harder for those wanting to get ahead. We must change that, and we can if we quit fighting with each other and get busy trying.

First, though, we need to know how we got here in the first place. We were doing so well in the forties and fifties. The sixties ushered in the promise of a golden age. John Kennedy promised it. We all believed him. The White House became known as Camelot.

Then because of arrogance beyond all comprehension, we fell from grace when we picked a fight with Vietnam. Our kids rebelled against the war. Civil rights-minded blacks marched, and cities burned. Other kids died in faraway jungle mud. It was as if someone had stuck a pin into our happy balloon. And as a nation, we were never the same again. Today, as the mysterious enemy moves in for the kill, it is even worse. . . Where did we go wrong? 

The age of technology was born in the late sixties and the factory owners, without regard for the labor force under their hire, chose machine over man. They fired their workers by the thousands and replaced them with computerized machines. In doing so they destroyed the strongest middle class there ever was and turned the American dream into a nightmare. We did not wander ourselves into poverty, they drove us there.

Today, instead of each man having the ability to reach out and make his own way according to his abilities, he finds the door to his desires slammed shut and locked tight. The elite corporate families on the opposite side of that door become billionaires by sucking all the wealth to the top and keeping it there to enjoy as if they deserved it.

How much better would it have been if they had chosen people over profit? I know that would have been a major problem for industry because, why let a guy keep his job when a computer can do it better?



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FREEDOM! . . . The word rings loud and clear across the landscapes of the world. Freedom to do what? To speak our hearts and minds? To travel without restriction? To create what we want? To think what we want? Live how we want? To be free from tyranny? In our time we have revolted for freedom. We have fought our nation’s wars for freedom. We have died in large numbers for freedom.

And yet, at this moment, millions of people in this Covid cursed country are willing to do just about anything the globalist asks of them without question . . . why? Is the burden of self-responsibility too heavy? Are the fears too great?

Freedom demands work. Globalist socialism promises a free ride. Are we willing to denounce work and harken to the false promises of socialism merely because they sound good?

Is everything perfect in our society? No. Of course not. There are racist problems. There are problems with the aged, the poor, the sick, and the mentally ill. Problems with greed and lying politicians, as well as a whole plethora of other less than perfect things that need fixing. It takes work.

The globalist wants to reset our system into a likeness of their utopian dreams, they may truly want to do that, but all that awaits us (and them) in the end are the rusty chains of slavery . . . why? Because even if we tried in earnest, we could not do it. It is beyond our abilities. True and lasting change must first come from within, otherwise, we trod the same old historical highway so many before us have taken.

It takes each and every one of us to personally make that change first. And when we do, and ONLY when we do, will true and abiding change come to the social order.

There are many, from Martin Luther King forward, who have struggled within the framework of the American Constitution to make a difference . . . and they have succeeded without all the shooting and looting. Check one of them out.. . . . . that actually make a difference in the black community. They deserve our help.

Marxist socialism will destroy any and all hope that our forefathers had for this Constitutional Republic, and after it lays in ashes, we will begin to realize it. . . . TOO LATE! Once again history will have repeated itself. An Orwellian state is not something to look forward to.