In the real world, I only give to charities like ‘Tunnels To Towers’ after I’ve researched it enough to know it’s a worthy cause, and the guys running it aren’t enriching themselves to the gullibility of a caring society. In other words a large percentage of the money goes where it was intended. . . to help wounded warriors live a decent life after a combat injury or to a cop who was ambushed by a street punk.

Lately, I found another charity called ‘Stronghold.’ I was so impressed with the guy who runs it and what he is doing that I wanted to join up. Of course, at 79 all I can do is contribute, and that I will do. I can also write about it, and that I will do also. . . .  OK, so that’s what I’m doing. I hope you do what you can and give what you can. (he’s only asking for 15.00 a month). His cause is well worth it.

Ephraim is an ex-Seal whose goal is to help the collateral damaged that go unnoticed in the war zones of the world. He and his crew deliver medicine and food to villagers across the world that always seem to bear the brunt of warfare. He is not seeking to fight, he is seeking to heal and for that, I am all in.

There is a video on youtube . . .