Spirit . . .

Now this is neither christian philosophy or anti-christian philosophy, truth or BS . . . I claim no status . . . it’s just where I happen to be on my walk at the moment.

I believe the bible is a book of wisdom that reveals far more to us than we are willing to accept. That because of our particular church’s doctrine and the fact that we are far more concerned with our own salvation, . . .  we are being held in a place where we spend our entire lives comfortably tromping on a revolving wheel that keeps us in the fold, while at the same time holds us back from ever venturing beyond that revolving wheel. We claim to live by faith and we feel good about ourselves, but is faith the ultimate goal for humanity? 

“Now faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) . . . but seeing eye to eye, being face to face with the living God, would eliminate the need for faith, right? .  . . but no man can see God and live . . . right?

Time to move on, but where? How? Which way? In order to see God and live we must raise ourselves to a higher plane (or frequency) 

 John 14:12: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”  

Many scholar’s refuse to believe this piece of scripture so they make excuses, but IMO it is self explanatory. Time to wake up, get off our knees, and realize who we are. 

Now, more than ever we need to fight back against the communist enemy’s attempt to subjugate us. . . . and this battle will be won, not by demonstrating, nor by the strength of arms, but on the spiritual level by a people who know who they are, and what their reason to be on this earth, in this form, at this time, is all about.

(Following, as simple as I have the ability to make it) 

The physical universe is but a small fraction of the limitless unknown. The earth is but a small fraction of the physical universe. 

In the beginning man was gifted with five senses in order to be able to operate in this environment. We were created by God to be caretakers over this planet, but our ability to see was greatly limited to a very small  spectrum of  light, so small we can hardly see anything at all.

The remaining space, that which we cannot see is the spiritual realm. It vibrates on a higher frequency that we are locked out of. We get a glimpse from time to time, but to the average man the spirit realm remains unknown. 

This earth is ours forever, but although we inherited a heavenly paradise, we created it into the unholy hell we have today. We did it. We are the creators. We chose this. . . . why? We were deceived. . . how? Because it is vibrating on a frequency low enough for Satan and his angels to operate on after they were cast out of heaven. The reason for all this?

In order for our planet to be free, it has to be governed by the law of duality and the ability to choose. . . good and evil working it out on a physical plane with us as the pieces in this little chess game. 

The goal of Satan is to keep us limited in our five senses. Here is where he does his best work . . . lust, murder, self centered arrogance, all sorts of malicious actions are all created within the realm of the five senses and that is what keeps us on this low vibration.

The goal of our God is to, by our own choices, raise our consciousness beyond the traps inherent in our five senses and move upward into the lighter frequencies where we belong and where Satan has been shut out. 

Well, I won’t know if anyone gets that or not, but in the end it’s all about limiting ourselves.

Are The Unvaxed The Enemy?

exerpt of the article by Scott Masson:

During the Canadian election, the media in Canada has followed the prime minister’s lead in venting its spleen against those who do not consent to submitting to jabs as enemies of the people. This moral posturing has been echoed across the media spectrum, from the irresponsible hate speech of the Toronto Star to the National Post, where Jonathan Kay claimed “anti-vaxxer propaganda” not only caused deaths, but was tearing society apart.

It’s all rancid piffle. Gaslighting and prevarication.

Our elected officials, directed by the public health augurers reading the charts of R0 scores, have brought in measures to annihilate society’s capacity to survive by itself. It’s a mission creep that began as “15 days to flatten the curve” and was supposed to end with a vaccine with better antibodies than our natural immune systems.

But the principal task of the State has always been to justify its own existence. The endless series of bait-and-switches have always been aimed to protect the public health care monopoly. ICU capacity could have been expanded to do that. The bureaucracy preferred totalitarian social measures.

The long-awaited bait of the mRNA shots was that they would end the unprecedented government overreach—the “new normal“—by protecting us from SARS-CoV2 and then returning us to the “old” normal.

We ought to be there now.

Either the shots protect people or they do not. Either the authorities allow people to return to normal or they will not.

It appears they will not. The “new normal” is now just … normal.

It seems the government itself is the virus that has injected itself into everyone’s lives.

How about those who resist the idea that the “new normal” is normal? The “anti-vaxxers”? Are they “enemies of the people”?

To say that the health of people allegedly protected by mRNA shots are now somehow threatened by those who decline the protection is of the same order of logic as saying that those who wear seatbelts are endangered by those who do not. And the solution is for the protected to be protected from the unprotected by forcing the unprotected to use the protection that doesn’t protect the protected.

The emergency should be over. But a state of managed emergency is the new normal, or it will be once every child is also finally vaxxed. That is now being advertised by the Canadian government in TV ads. So will the QR code monitoring system going forwards. And these enhanced “security measures” will be added to the masking, social-distancing, and lockdown policies for everyone—including the “fully-vaccinated.”

What is the rationale for this next phase of the “new normal”? The need for herd immunity.

The level of vaccinations should already achieve that, if they were effective. The skyrocketing cases in strongly compliant countries with early double-vaccinations, such as Israel, Singapore, the UK, and Iceland, suggest they are not.

In fact, it’s those with natural immunity that have a 13 times greater immunity to the Delta variant. They are not an obstacle to normalcy. They are not the enemy of the people.

They are an obstacle to the State’s self-justification.

No, the actions of the State to justify its own existence are an ongoing psy-ops campaign. Living like prisoners has had a deleterious effect on people’s mental health. But the people’s approval also verifies the Stockholm Syndrome.

We are now living through a vast re-enactment of the Milgram experiment. The aim of COVID’s “willing executioners” is “to make our lives as miserable as possible, to segregate us, stigmatize us, demonize us, bully, and harass us, and pressure us to conform at every turn,” according to playwright C.J. Hopkins.

“Willing executioners” are found in the families who refuse to see or talk to their nearest and dearest if they haven’t had the jab. They are in churches that mandate double-vaxxes to attend. They are in companies that have mandated vaccines as a condition of employment. They run the universities and colleges that flatly contradict their own research ethics policies. They administrate the hospitals now trashing the Nuremberg Code. They direct the funding of science, at the expense of science.

These terrorized people act as if those who drive without seatbelts are putting them all at risk of a fatal collision.

How have they come to such an absurd conclusion?

It isn’t science. The odds of a vaccinated person dying from COVID-19 are 1 in 137,000. That is 100 times less than dying of the seasonal flu.

Someone who can impose their will on you without your consent has made you a slave.

As Karl Popper said in “The Open Society and Its Enemies,” “We must plan for freedom, and not only for security, if for no other reason than only freedom can make security more secure.”


Today is August 31, 2021.

Excerpt from an essay by Andrew Torba . . . CEO, Gab.com

How can you think straight and make rational decisions when each and everyday you hear conflicting and contradictory information from “authoritative” sources? You can’t. No one can. That’s the whole point. That’s why the powers that be are doing this. Welcome to the secular hell of a post-truth world.

We don’t need to wear masks. No wait, now we do. Hold up now we need to wear two masks. We can stop wearing masks now. Surprise, we need to wear masks again. Actually it turns out masks aren’t as effective as we thought.

We just need 15 days to slow the spread. Now we need a month. Maybe a year. Never mind, we didn’t need to lockdown at all and it caused more harm than good.

Don’t take any vaccine that Donald Trump rushed to market. You didn’t get the vaccine, are you nuts? The vaccine is highly effective. Oops it looks like highly vaccinated Israel is having a major outbreak. Get the vaccine or lose your job.

Are you keeping up? This is the reality of living in a post-truth world.

They want us shell shocked with rapidly changing information overload which leads to option paralysis and fear. When people are in a state of fear coupled with option paralysis they are very susceptible to manipulation and easy to control.

While we are all dazed and confused they are destroying families, small businesses, and entire nations. They are rigging elections, they are botching troop withdrawals to flood western countries with refugees, the American border is being invaded by hundreds of thousands of people, they are buying up single family homes and pricing you out of the market, they are printing endless money and inflating your currency.

They are transferring trillions of dollars in wealth to themselves and shutting up each and every last voice of dissent to it all while doing it.

All while the while you worry about a virus that statistically you have a 99% chance of surviving with the immune system God gave you.

It’s exhausting and impossible to keep up with by design. It’s meant to drain you mentally, physically, and spiritually so that you submit to their control. Don’t.

In the post-truth world anything goes. Chaos reigns. Those who create the chaos manifest their means of control. Do not comply. Do not give them one inch. Stand your ground. Hold the line.


If God (however you discern that word) built the ‘right thing to do” into our hearts and minds then IMO that’s where we should be looking for the right thing to do. But unless our hearts are free and clear we may have no alternative than to play follow the leader to whatever feels good or makes us look good or . . . this is how the trickster gets to us. This is the birthplace of self-righteousness and evil.

IMO, this life is all about how well we listen and what we create after we listen . . . we are spiritual beings having an experience, and that experience is a direct result as to how well we listen.

We possess the power of the universe within us, our job is to use it in the ways intended by the creator we more often than not, pretend to know so well, but hardly know or understand at all.


Today is August 27, 2021.  I am sitting here in my sunroom watching with horror what is happening to the people in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. I listen to story after story that sounds like a script from a dystopian movie . . . surely this stuff is not real . . . surely it is just another conspiracy theory . . . surely some college kid is in his mom’s basement having a yuk or two on a laptop. I’m gonna check it out.

Well, I did. I checked it out and, OK I read Orwell’s1984 . . . good book, but pretty unbelievable, at least in my America. We would never allow something like that to happen . . . right? Our constitution prevents it. We’re too smart for anything like that. Our education would notice it before it even got off the ground. . . . Well, I guess I can forget all this and watch a good movie.

I did, but Australia kept drawing me back in. What if this was true? Why else would they be acting like that in Australia? Canada was close to experiencing the same thing and it was right next door.  I dug deeper . . . and what I found set me on fire. Now, even though I am 79 years old, I want to fight back against those who would destroy democracy in the world and create in its place a globalist government. 

I’m too old to fight, but still, I can write. . . and I have no fear of these demonic sons-of-bitches. So off we go . . . and where we stop nobody knows.

I found an interesting site called United Noncompliance  http://unitednoncompliance.org/  It sounds interesting and I will soon be looking further, but for now, I am just researching. On the face of it, it sounds like the only way I can think of to fight back against these people that are working overtime to destroy all that we know and understand of our way of life. 

One thing I know for sure. We are being manipulated into a fight among ourselves over these vaccines. . . . . . . For the rest of the story, stay tuned.


Current Events

Today is August 24 2021. I just found out that Joe Biden plans on leaving Afghanistan on the 31st of the month and I am in shock at the cowardice I see coming out of the White House.

I am a veteran of the 173rd airborne brigade, having served 18 months in the Asian theatre. I’ve never thought much of my time in the military until today when I found myself weeping for the America I once knew.

The one thing we all knew in every outfit in the American war machine was that you NEVER left a buddy behind. Dead or alive everybody does all they can to see that happen.

Today in Biden’s coward littered America we are actually leaving our people to be slaughtered by a group of ruthless terrorists. Our president is a traitor. He, and those behind him are destroying this country in every possible way they can. Why? Who is pulling the strings?

I sit here, an old man heart sick and ready to fight, but I don’t know which way to turn.

The Watcher

I am a watcher, have always been one. Throughout the stages of my life there’s one long and common thread, I wandered, and I’ve watched, and will do so till I’m dead.

Today, in my old age, though blinded by the years of so many joys and so many tears, I still am watching . . .

Today, though what I see upon the rise, does bring terror to these clouded eyes, I will obey the law I’ve held so long, so dear, throughout my every living year. . . . If I don’t know, I do not go. I stand and wait, until the date that something tells me so.

Who owns this voice so still and small that wispers in my ear? Hell man, I don’t know, it’s just always, always near, and so easy to hear, if I’m quiet enough, and stand still long enough, to listen . . . as it filters through the beatings of my anxious heart.



The American Dream

I am a patriot. I am not a Trump follower, nor, though I honor it and have put my life on the line to defend it, am I a flag-waver. I also don’t hate the left or particularly feel the need to gun up and prepare for war against a Communist takeover. . . But . . . In spite of the fact that I do none of the stuff the Left accuses all guys like me of doing . . . I am a patriot and I hold the values installed in the American Dream with the highest regard. When it comes to far-right OR far-left, I feel we all need each other, and I have no desire to join either group. 

James Adams described the American Dream as, “that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.” Of course, each one of us has a somewhat different dream, I have my own version, and my success in obtaining it has already been achieved. My dream was to have the freedom to merely do my own thing. And as long as I do no harm to a fellow citizen I’d like for the government to butt out of my business and do more about ending their bad habit of starting unnecessary wars. I am a wanderer who believes in paying his own way. I need the freedom to do so. That’s it. That’s my American dream.

I believe state’s rights trump government interference with few exceptions, one of them being the safeguarding of the nation’s citizenry. Today our largest and most beautiful cities are close to ruin due to rioting and lawlessness. They need help. Not the current politically inspired bullshit I hear coming out of Washington and the mayors of the large cities though, but National Guard units if need be. (these mayors, especially the dumb ass in Portland, remind me of Nero playing a fiddle while allowing Rome to be burned.)

If necessary our government should even declare martial law in Portland/Chicago/Seattle/NYC and every other city having a mayor in office who is either allowing this unrest to take place, or is totally inept at ending it. Any mayor or DA of a city who openly chooses criminals over citizens needs to be arrested and imprisoned.  Demonstrating is as American as grandma’s apple pie, but this other stuff is not. We must end it, or sit back and accept the consequences.

I still believe in those American values of individual rights, freedom, democracy, and equality. I don’t mind reciting the pledge of allegiance to the flag. I still remember the oath I took way back in the sixties to solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

If that moment ever comes I will be standing with my country. Regardless of the many, and some, just downright evil, things we have done over the years, this is our country. It needs fixing. It could use a good cleaning, but it’s ours. We created it and we can fix it, and for many of us, we will stand in the gap and fight tooth and nail for her right to exist as a democracy, if need be.

I still believe the American dream can be achieved through sacrifice, risk-taking, and hard work. But I also believe the Capitalist system, that made America the richest country on earth, has been highjacked by the wealthy owners of the industry it created and made it harder for those wanting to get ahead. We must change that, and we can if we quit fighting with each other and get busy trying.

First, though, we need to know how we got here in the first place. We were doing so well in the forties and fifties. The sixties ushered in the promise of a golden age. John Kennedy promised it. We all believed him. The White House became known as Camelot.

Then because of arrogance beyond all comprehension, we fell from grace when we picked a fight with Vietnam. Our kids rebelled against the war. Civil rights-minded blacks marched, and cities burned. Other kids died in faraway jungle mud. It was as if someone had stuck a pin into our happy balloon. And as a nation, we were never the same again. Today, as the mysterious enemy moves in for the kill, it is even worse. . . Where did we go wrong? 

The age of technology was born in the late sixties and the factory owners, without regard for the labor force under their hire, chose machine over man. They fired their workers by the thousands and replaced them with computerized machines. In doing so they destroyed the strongest middle class there ever was and turned the American dream into a nightmare. We did not wander ourselves into poverty, they drove us there.

Today, instead of each man having the ability to reach out and make his own way according to his abilities, he finds the door to his desires slammed shut and locked tight. The elite corporate families on the opposite side of that door become billionaires by sucking all the wealth to the top and keeping it there to enjoy as if they deserved it.

How much better would it have been if they had chosen people over profit? I know that would have been a major problem for industry because, why let a guy keep his job when a computer can do it better?