The easiest way I know of when it comes to explaining death has to do with the absence of the five senses. There is no Heaven to go to . . . nor is there a Hell . . . on the other side of life, there is only you minus a flesh and blood body that has died. You will be moving exactly on the same frequency you are now minus the pretense and perception that you have created for yourself while here.

Look at it like this: If I took away your sight by surgically removing your eyes you would be blind, right? But would you still be alive? 

Then what if I did your ears? You would be deaf AND blind, right? 

Then what if I cut out your tongue? You would now be blind AND deaf AND have no sense of taste. 

If I go through the same procedure until you are completely senseless . . . you would still be alive, right? Basically, you are now dead to everybody else in this dimension, but are you actually dead, or have your lack of senses just separated you from the others? 

My thought is that the life force (that you are) is omnipotent, it cannot be killed and will remain in the next dimension in the same frequency (on the same channel) as it was when it left this one. 

Now . . . blindly following anybody in this dimension will only confuse you and divert you from your mission.

Five Commandments 

  1. Find your mission
  2. Follow your mission
  3. Fuck anything else that tries to distract you from it
  4. Find love, it is the highest gain. 
  5. Find that and you will have found your mission.

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