Spirit . . .

Now this is neither christian philosophy or anti-christian philosophy, truth or BS . . . I claim no status . . . it’s just where I happen to be on my walk at the moment.

I believe the bible is a book of wisdom that reveals far more to us than we are willing to accept. That because of our particular church’s doctrine and the fact that we are far more concerned with our own salvation, . . .  we are being held in a place where we spend our entire lives comfortably tromping on a revolving wheel that keeps us in the fold, while at the same time holds us back from ever venturing beyond that revolving wheel. We claim to live by faith and we feel good about ourselves, but is faith the ultimate goal for humanity? 

“Now faith is the SUBSTANCE of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) . . . but seeing eye to eye, being face to face with the living God, would eliminate the need for faith, right? .  . . but no man can see God and live . . . right?

Time to move on, but where? How? Which way? In order to see God and live we must raise ourselves to a higher plane (or frequency) 

 John 14:12: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.”  

Many scholar’s refuse to believe this piece of scripture so they make excuses, but IMO it is self explanatory. Time to wake up, get off our knees, and realize who we are. 

Now, more than ever we need to fight back against the communist enemy’s attempt to subjugate us. . . . and this battle will be won, not by demonstrating, nor by the strength of arms, but on the spiritual level by a people who know who they are, and what their reason to be on this earth, in this form, at this time, is all about.

(Following, as simple as I have the ability to make it) 

The physical universe is but a small fraction of the limitless unknown. The earth is but a small fraction of the physical universe. 

In the beginning man was gifted with five senses in order to be able to operate in this environment. We were created by God to be caretakers over this planet, but our ability to see was greatly limited to a very small  spectrum of  light, so small we can hardly see anything at all.

The remaining space, that which we cannot see is the spiritual realm. It vibrates on a higher frequency that we are locked out of. We get a glimpse from time to time, but to the average man the spirit realm remains unknown. 

This earth is ours forever, but although we inherited a heavenly paradise, we created it into the unholy hell we have today. We did it. We are the creators. We chose this. . . . why? We were deceived. . . how? Because it is vibrating on a frequency low enough for Satan and his angels to operate on after they were cast out of heaven. The reason for all this?

In order for our planet to be free, it has to be governed by the law of duality and the ability to choose. . . good and evil working it out on a physical plane with us as the pieces in this little chess game. 

The goal of Satan is to keep us limited in our five senses. Here is where he does his best work . . . lust, murder, self centered arrogance, all sorts of malicious actions are all created within the realm of the five senses and that is what keeps us on this low vibration.

The goal of our God is to, by our own choices, raise our consciousness beyond the traps inherent in our five senses and move upward into the lighter frequencies where we belong and where Satan has been shut out. 

Well, I won’t know if anyone gets that or not, but in the end it’s all about limiting ourselves.

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