Current Events

Today is August 24 2021. I just found out that Joe Biden plans on leaving Afghanistan on the 31st of the month and I am in shock at the cowardice I see coming out of the White House.

I am a veteran of the 173rd airborne brigade, having served 18 months in the Asian theatre. I’ve never thought much of my time in the military until today when I found myself weeping for the America I once knew.

The one thing we all knew in every outfit in the American war machine was that you NEVER left a buddy behind. Dead or alive everybody does all they can to see that happen.

Today in Biden’s coward littered America we are actually leaving our people to be slaughtered by a group of ruthless terrorists. Our president is a traitor. He, and those behind him are destroying this country in every possible way they can. Why? Who is pulling the strings?

I sit here, an old man heart sick and ready to fight, but I don’t know which way to turn.

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