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FREEDOM! . . . The word rings loud and clear across the landscapes of the world. Freedom to do what? To speak our hearts and minds? To travel without restriction? To create what we want? To think what we want? Live how we want? To be free from tyranny? In our time we have revolted for freedom. We have fought our nation’s wars for freedom. We have died in large numbers for freedom.

And yet, at this moment, millions of people in this Covid cursed country are willing to do just about anything the globalist asks of them without question . . . why? Is the burden of self-responsibility too heavy? Are the fears too great?

Freedom demands work. Globalist socialism promises a free ride. Are we willing to denounce work and harken to the false promises of socialism merely because they sound good?

Is everything perfect in our society? No. Of course not. There are racist problems. There are problems with the aged, the poor, the sick, and the mentally ill. Problems with greed and lying politicians, as well as a whole plethora of other less than perfect things that need fixing. It takes work.

The globalist wants to reset our system into a likeness of their utopian dreams, they may truly want to do that, but all that awaits us (and them) in the end are the rusty chains of slavery . . . why? Because even if we tried in earnest, we could not do it. It is beyond our abilities. True and lasting change must first come from within, otherwise, we trod the same old historical highway so many before us have taken.

It takes each and every one of us to personally make that change first. And when we do, and ONLY when we do, will true and abiding change come to the social order.

There are many, from Martin Luther King forward, who have struggled within the framework of the American Constitution to make a difference . . . and they have succeeded without all the shooting and looting. Check one of them out.. . . . . that actually make a difference in the black community. They deserve our help.

Marxist socialism will destroy any and all hope that our forefathers had for this Constitutional Republic, and after it lays in ashes, we will begin to realize it. . . . TOO LATE! Once again history will have repeated itself. An Orwellian state is not something to look forward to.

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